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Power Slim

Take chance on power of infrared
and ionization, thanks which you will get smooth and slender figure!

Powers Slim is a treatment, due to which your organism start to produce bigger amount of collagen and metabolism will work more efficient. Light works unusually on your mood and health, especially on cardiac and respiratory system. Power Slim is also great way to take care of your body shape. It is very pleasant treatment for body, which helps you to burn calories. Your muscles will be relaxed and organism will start to produce endorphins (happiness hormone). No effort, only relax !

Classic massage

Do you need massage to dispose of muscles pain? We will improve your mood!

Classic massage is designed for people, who had dislocations, breaks, sprains or bones and joint bruises. Classic massage helps also with strained and tight of tendons. It is a great way to help you in deformations of spine. It is especially designed for people, who exercise very hard. Due to this massage muscles become relaxed and level of health improves. It is enough to have 30 minutes massage and you will get back to good physical condition.

1 h | 120 zł

1,5 h | 170 zł

25 min | 55 zł

 35 min | 70 zł

Therapeutic massage

Pain of spine, sitting lifestyle or maybe degeneracy?

If you know these terms – choose therapeutic massage. We have long-term experience and knowledge, which let us to improve your mood and speed up regeneration after injuries, sprains or breaks. If your muscles need immediate help – after visit in Bella Human you will feel relief.

Sport massage

Do you do sports regularly?

Take care of your muscles and provide them proper warming up and relax. We offer sport massage, which protects from injuries and helps with getting back to good physical condition after overtraining. It is also great therapy for tones. No muscle sores anymore!

35 min | 70 zł

1 h | 120 zł

Kinesiology tapeing

Do you know that with the aid of special belts you can improve stability of your joints and muscles?

Kinesiology tapeing is an effective method of increasing inflammation and swelling. Belts improve blood and lymph circulation and also work anodyne. If you feel uncomfortable during movement – take chance on kinesiology tapeing. It is so practical treatment, that you can wear belts and take a bath in a pool or train favourite sport at the
same time.

one body part

two body parts

40 zł 

60 zł 

Face massage

Face, the same as muscles, need special care.

Choose massage, which excites blood circulation and ventilates the deepest flaps of skin. Do you want to get effect of firmness? Or do you maybe care about oval of your face? We put effort to improve condition of your skin.

Zone therapy of foot (reflexology)

Give energy to your feet!

Reflexology is a relief to your feet. If you feel sudden pain or stab in feet – reflexology is for you. Applying pressure in proper parts of feet activates receptors. Thanks to this your feet won’t feel uncomfortable anymore and all swellings disappear.

Conditioning massage

o you want to have more firm, pert, soften and nutritional body?

Choose conditioning massage – matching to your need. If you don’t know which will be perfect for your skin, consult us. We will choose and match solution perfect for you.

Anti-cellulite and slimming  massage

Do you want to remove cellulite?

Or maybe you want to improve looks of your figure? We will match proper massage technic, which will influence on your fatty tissue. As a result we will improve flexibility of your skin and we increase dimension of all body. We use both – natural massage and also Chinese cans. It is effective method to remove cellulite. Sounds
great, right?

stomach, thighs, buttocks | 90 zł

+ arms | + 10 zł

100 min | 180 zł

Stones massage

Take chance on full relax and nutrition of your skin.

Only one treatment is enough to relax your body after stressful day or excess of duties. Stones massage is not only pleasant for all of your body but also works restfully and quieten down. It allows full relax in pleasant and calm atmosphere. Your knotted muscles will be relaxed and you will feel relief.

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